You Can Love Me

by This Temple Eden



One September, in 2013, I decided to set myself a challenge. I had been very impressed with The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs and the response by Gal Musette to create 70 love songs. I thought I could at least make some effort. I set myself a challenge to write, record and release my own collection of love songs, in one month. Not only was there a time restriction, but there was also another little caveat. All the songs were to have been composed and inspired by playing and riffing on the ukulele.

Well, it took two months, but here is the completed work. I hope you like it in some way.


released November 1, 2013

Written, recorded and produced by Darren
Cover image by Suzi Blu.


all rights reserved



This Temple Eden England, UK

Making that little sound that moves you.
Telling a little story that might relate to you.

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Track Name: Looking at stupid things that make me smile
I'm looking at stupid things
That make me smile and make me think of you
They let me think of you

I'm walking in the pouring rain
With a smile so broad let me explain
It doesn't matter if I'm soaked through, I'm thinking of you

When the alarm wakes me too soon
If the darkness outside is still penetrating my room
I'll find the sunshine, just thinking of you

You see I'm thinking of you

When I see letters set to post
White waves crashing off the coast
Fresh paint on the canvas bright
Sunrise and the sunset light
Lovers walking hand in hand
At the bar, the covers band
Fleeces, scarves and wooly mitts
All these things, and little bits

Caster sugar on a nose
Floppy hats and emerald clothes
Brightly coloured little cars
winter sparklers, wishing stars
romantic glances on the screen
Waking up after a dream
I'm thinking of you

I'm laughing at stupid things
That make me smile, they make me think of you
They make me think of you

When the evening dark closes in
When the loneliness holds and embraces me
That's when I'm most likely, thinking of you

That's when, most likely, I'll be thinking of you
Track Name: Maybe one day
Did you feel, anything at all?
Is there someone (me?) you would like to call?
I know the floor needs cleaning
So I wouldn’t blame you leaving
the phone call today, but maybe someday?

Was there something, as we walked together
as we chatted (beneath) inclement weather?
I’m not optimistic
of tasting your lipstick
but I’ll ask today, or maybe one day

We sat together, just inches apart
did you want to reach out (touch) and let something start
did you feel motivation
to rival frustration
that I feel today, I feel each day

And so the time came, to say goodbye
a quick hug and release (why?) a lack of desire?
did you want to hold tighter
and dream of a brighter
future someday, maybe one day
Track Name: If I dream
If I dream of the sea, would be the waves for me
If I cruise to foreign shores will fill the sails for me
As I float on the brine laden water, refresh me
With your smile, and your beautiful eyes that talk to me

If I dream of a utopian future will you be
the chrome, and the minimal inlaid LED
To compute in perfection, be the binary
Be the shine, be the gloss, be the element unique

If I play whiskey laden, rocker on the road
Be the biker chick, be the Harley, be the leather on my skin
As we road trip the light fantastic, fuel my wanderlust
Be my rock, be my roll, be my rhythm be my blues

If I dream, dream of you, will you be my fantasy
Be my muse, be my blood, be my not to be, to be
Be the air in my lungs, be the breath that sustains me
If I dream, dream of you will you be reality, to me
Track Name: Gigi Rainbow Sparkle
Gigi Rainbow Sparkle sighs
Bills to pay and food to buy
So she pulls on her dress. She’ll sparkle once again for them
She pulls on her dress and sparkles once again for them

Gigi Rainbow Sparkle’s shy
In my mind a silent butterfly
But on the stage in dress she sparkles in the night for them
On the stage in dress she sparkles bright for all of them

Gigi Rainbow Sparkle why?
You’re a chrysalis, not merely stimuli
For when you wear your dress you sparkle in the night for them
They don’t care about your dress as you sparkle in the night for them

Gigi Rainbow Sparkle sways
A dance serene, a monologue ballet
As you remove your dress you sparkle in the night for them
Slowly remove your dress and sparkle in the night for them

Gigi Rainbow Sparkle’s bare
Leered at, pawed at, lustful glare
You dance without your dress and sparkles lose their shine with them
You dance without your dress and they don’t care, they’ve seen and they move on

Gigi Rainbow Sparkle ‘hi’
I want to speak but my throat burns dry
Wont you put on your dress and sparkle in the night for me
Here take, put on your dress and sparkle evermore for me

Sparkle evermore for me…
Track Name: Everyday
Everyday, I feel the same, a constant revival
When, I see your smile, I’m lifted a while, above my reflection
Then I will ascend and dream of an end-time everlasting
Where, we talk and we share, cloud nine in the air. Come to revive me now.

Everyday, I look for you, seeking out my muse
As, I seek a hint, find your imprint, passing through each day
Then, catching your scent, ideas ferment, and I feel elated
The world continues to turn, that’s of no concern, For you have revived me now

Everyday, I wait in hope, that I might find you
Here, looking for me, wanting to be, part of a future
When, we’re both aware, emotions ensnared, mutually satisfied
And so as night falls, sleeping dreams call, tomorrow’s a brand new day

A brand new day
Track Name: Just after the lightning
You're like the moment after lightning has faded from the sky
And you're like the shadow from the moonlight, dancing on the lake
Throwing reflections as the waves wash, hiding in each swell
Sharply thrown into bright focus, an after image in my eye

You’re like the moment after lightning has faded from the sky
And you’re like the new dawn and the new day, providing a new chance
Refreshed, cleansed and renewed, to begin again one more more time
Post storm, everything feels filtered, now faded, you purify

You’re like the moment after lightning has faded from the sky
And you’re like the raging river torrent, that landscapes on its way
Subtle and delicate in texture, yet potent just the same
Awesome and magical in nature, awaiting thunder’s sigh
Track Name: It's just a crush
It’s just a crush
you said you liked that song
I said I liked it too
but anything more’s too soon, we just share a tune
It’s just a crush

It’s just a crush
So where’d you like to live?
A cottage in the lakes
Well that’s a coincidence it’s not transcendence
it’s just a crush

It’s just a crush
So you like silence too
a quiet place to relax,
Sit back and contemplate doesn’t mean it’s fate
It’s just a crush

It’s just a crush
Yes, thunderstorms are great
Even when camping out late
It’s awesomeness in sound reverberating around
But this is just a crush

It’s just a crush
Like a camper samba van
A dream of one day soon
And then grow old together, whatever the weather
It’s just a crush?

It’s just a crush
I hold you in my gaze
Unsure of future days
I always feel this way, with the words you say
It’s just a crush
Track Name: I'm calling to you
I’m calling to you
From far so far away
My voice is never clear
But listen and I’ll

Sing the sweetest words into your ear
(Oh I’ll) Bring the brightest light to your darkest fear
(Oh I’ll) Free and set you high, when you’re feeling low
(Oh I’ll) Be ready to walk [rock] when you want to go [roll]

My longing is true
Despite the gulf between
One day our paths may touch
Till that day, well I will

Can you hear me calling
Calling out your name
Just a boy who’s falling
Over and over and over again
Track Name: In the night (daytime mix)
In the night, when you moved close to me
You held me tight, with sincerity

As we drift ever closer now
I’m so scared, that it could end somehow

Just you and me, left on our own
With no one to know, we were laughing

Now I know, that you really cared
Now I know, I should not have dared

Just you and me left on our own
With no one to know, we were laughing

Just you and me left on our own
With no one to know, now I’m crying out to you
Track Name: Instinct (deconstructed)
Instinct, instinct
Is it by instinct, that you walk away?
Footsteps, ever fading
Fading away until I hear no more

As the vultures swoop they catch my eye
Catch the tear as you whisper ‘googbye’
Instinct has crossed my mind, but I don’t understand
Was it instinct that made us walk out hand in hand

Lonely, ever lonely
Left on my own without a word to say
Seeing you, hurts me deeply now
But if the feeling had gone, why does the pain remain?

Hand in hand, lonely in the streets at night
Hand in hand, wandering with delight
Hand in hand, hoping everything is alright
Hand in hand, hoping everything is alright?